Medways Premier Childcare Provider


Kidstreet Nursery is at the for-front of providing nutritionally and healthy balanced meals for the younger generation.

Our ‘in-house’ chef is NVQ trained, has an Intermediate food hygiene certificate and attends frequent courses, so is perfectly educated to provide the very best meals that the children eat daily.

Everyday our lunch and tea meals are cooked freshly on site from local ingredients when possible, nutritiously balanced for children’s growing and developing needs, with wholesome nutritional snacks available during the day. All meals are planned to include fresh fruit and vegetables to ensure that the children are getting their ‘5 a Day’.  All dietary requirements such as dairy intolerance, coeliac and vegetarians are catered for,

Cooking lessons are also provided for pre-school children to get them more involved in the foods they are eating. They learn new skills whilst tasting and feeling new textures and they finally receive a sense of achievement once they have a finished making and tasting food they have prepared under guidance!

We encourage mealtimes across all age groups to be social as possible, eating together, trying different foods and hopefully enjoying them!

Our chef also works closely with room leaders to promote healthy eating as part of a healthy lifestyle of fitness and fun.

Nursery School Chatham
Nursery School Chatham
Nursery School Chatham
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